An important part of sustainability that isn’t talked about enough is caring for your appliances. If you take proper care of things like a washing machine, dishwasher or microwave they will last you many many years. If you can keep a machine clean and working well, it might only need some small repairs rather than breaking completely all of a sudden. Making big machines like this requires a lot of energy, materials and resources so we must make the most of their lifespan! Today I want to talk about a little product that can keep your washing machine a little happier!

These washing machine detox tablets by the brand EcoEgg are designed to remove limescale build-up and remove funky smells created by soap and dirt residue as well. I used to run my machine on a hot cycle with some vinegar but now that I’ve had my machine for over 4 years it seemed like it could use something a little more detoxfying every once in a while.

The great thing about this product in comparison to something you may find at the grocery store is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it’s vegan and the packaging is made from FSC approved cardboard. Each individual tablet is packaged in plastic but it’s a small sacrifice to keep your machine super clean!

The tablet looks like this and is packaged in a little plastic. You only need one tablet every month so one of these boxes lasts you a whole year!!

I love that this brand makes the most of their packaging and includes all instructions on the back rather than including a separate piece of paper. It’s quite simple; unpack one tablet, place it in the empty drum and run your machine on the hottest setting.

As you can see compared to the machine it’s a tiny tablet. But it’s very mighty. It feels a little weird running an empty machine but it’s important to get rid of all build-up every once in a while. You don’t want any parts getting stuck or clogged in the long run.

The hottest setting my machine has is 95°C which is almost boiling temperature. I usually wash on 30°C which means I waste less energy. But that means it’s even more important to do a hot wash every once in a while. Soap residue gets washed away much more easily by hot water.

As you can see the tablet does get quite foamy and it’s more visible than I expected! After the wash was finished the inside of my machine was so incredibly clean! It smelled very fresh, no weird scents at all. The rubber was completely clean on the inside and it almost looked new. Because we have 2 pets we even have some hair buildup around the door of the machine and it can be a soap and dirt trap. This got rid of all of that too. I’m definitely a big fan and I will be using this at the end of every month.

I’m not saying you have to buy this exact product, although I do recommend it. But please remember to clean all of your appliances accordingly and make sure they run smoothly because not only will it expand their lifespan, it will make sure they run more efficiently and save energy as well!

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