Zero waste handmade soap bars from Antwerp

I’ve written about Noli Natural Skincare before and how surprised I was by this brand and here we are again! I bought two of the body soaps because I was in need of some and couldn’t pick. I got the green clay one with olive oil and geranium and the turmeric with argan oil & ceder. All Noli soaps are SLS and SLES free. These ingredients are both known to be potentially carcinogenic in combination with other products, harm the immune system and cause skin irritation So best to be safe! So far all of the Noli products have been great on my sensitive skin as well!

Turmeric soap

The turmeric soap contains a small grain as you can see on the photo. It’s gives a great light scrubbing effect in your daily shower without exfoliating too much. Because of the turmeric it also causes a very energising and invigorating effect on your skin! It really gives you a little boost in the morning without drying your skin out or irritating it.


The green clay soap with olive oil is honestly the perfect soap for anyone with sensitive skin. It has a very slight scent to it but nothing too overwhelming. It leaves you feeling fresh and with hydrated skin! I honestly love this one for daily use as it doesn’t clash with any scents from your own perfume for example! The fact that it has olive oil makes it so hydrating but it’s definitely not sticky or anything, it cleans like you would expect from any type of regular soap. Just without drying out your skin.

A zero waste love story made in antwerp

As last time, I’m super happy with the products I got from Noli Natural Skincare. Anouk really knows what she’s doing making these products. She caters to people that are sensitive to harsh products but still want that moment of luxury when buying and receiving something! Highly recommend checking out her Instagram page here!

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