I absolutely love supporting local businesses, especially if they are sustainable or zero waste in some way. Savonke is made in Antwerp by the lovely Pablo and Maya at their shop De Groene Stadshut. I got the Vanilla Shampoo bar and the matching Vanilla Conditioner bar from them to test out (spoiler alert, I had already tried the conditioner before and loved it!). I tried both of them for a while and here are my thoughts!

First of all, I want to take a second to talk about their awesome way of doing business. All shampoo and conditioner bars are handmade at De Groene Stadshut with as many organic products as possible, while still keeping the prices affordable and accessible. The products are zero-waste and vegan! Their packaging is made from biodegradable agricultural waste.

Their shampoo and conditioner bars are suitable for most if not all hairtypes. Because they’re bars packaged in biodegradable boxes these products are more environmentally friendly and they last just as long (and sometimes longer) than regular bottled shampoo. The products don’t contain any preservatives, silicone or artificial colors and they haven’t been tested on animals.

The Holy Guacamole shampoo bars are made with avocado. It moisturizes your hair and scalp and even contains antioxidants and helps with dandruff. It also contains coconut oil which makes it intensely hydrating. But it’s definitely not greasy or heavy on your hair at all. It makes your hair shine and feel soft! I do have to say that if you have colored or bleached hair, it would be good to switch this shampoo with one especially for colored hair because you might need some color correcting and this shampoo will not do that.

The conditioner bars are also made with coconut oil and I’m especially obsessed with these! The bars are so easy to use, and I would recommend these to anyone that is hesitant to try a conditioner bar. It melts very easily in your hands or on your hair and it’s intensely hydrating. Even for my bleached hair this conditioner bar is enough moisture. I love how soft it makes my hair and how easily I can detangle any knots in my hair as well. Because my hair is nice and detangled when I get out of the shower, I don’t have to use many other products to detangle it and my natural waves come out better. I have very thin hair so some products weight down my hair too much and this doesn’t!

If you are new to zero waste products and want something that feels familiar to what you are used to, I definitely recommend trying Savonke! The shampoo foams easily and isn’t hard to use at all. It doesn’t dry out your hair too much and the conditioner is super easy and very hydrating as well. Both products exists in Jasmin or Vanilla scent or even odorless for those that are sensitive to perfumes!

You can check out where to buy Savonke on this page of their website. and their prices are very affordable at 9,50 euros per bar. PS: they even have a shampoo for your dog as well and my little pooch Lexie has given her paw of approval on those too!

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