During all of these lockdowns one thing has been annoying me, my hair hasn’t been feeling healthy at all! The hairdressers have been closed most of these past months and I’ve only managed to go once or twice this past year. I usually get my hair colored a few times a year and cute more regularly. Every once in a while, my best friend cuts my hair but this past year she’s been doing it way more often. But as you can imagine, cutting your own hair every few months in your bathroom, with pretty cheap scissors isn’t the best way to take care of your hair! I’ve been avoiding getting split ends as much as possible, but my hair has been super dry as well! This Argan Elixer from Organic Hairspa has been an actual lifesaver to nourish and control my locks!

Argan oil

This elixir is basically argan oil with other oils and ingredients added in to make it lightweight yet hydrating. It contains macadamia and linseed oils as well so it’s a great combination to combat fizziness! You can use this oil basically every day because you can apply it to damp hair or use it to freshen up your hair when it’s dry. It really gives a nice shine to your hair as well as taming out of control hairs and giving your hair a smoother appearance.

Heat protection

Another awesome thing about this elixir is that it’s actually heat protectant as well! So, if you apply this to wet hair before blow drying you have that little bit of extra protection that can go a long way! It can even protect up to 220° so it would be suitable to use before straightening or curling your hair as well. Organic Hairspa uses a combination of amino acids proteins and silicone, so beware if you are someone that doesn’t want to use silicone. I don’t mind it right now because I always struggle finding something that doesn’t make my hair heavy or greasy and this is basically a 3-1 product.

About Organic Hairspa

Organic Hairspa is located in Denmark, their products are certified organic and are made to be used and sold in hair salons. Here’s what they say about their vision: “A range of products for the conscious consumer, who refuses to compromise on style and efficiency just because they prefer to go organic.” I love companies like this because they make big changes that will infiltrate mainstream audiences and in the end, will have a big impact in convincing people to make more natural beauty choices. Their products have been created in collaboration with actual hairstylists that use these types of products daily.

No nasties 

Another great thing is that all of these ingredients won’t be found in their products: parabens, Mi, SLS, SLES, phthalates, EDTA or DEA. I could write a whole blogpost about these ingredients, but it basically comes down to what you decide you want on your body or not. I haven’t completely made up my mind about all ingredients, but I do have to say since going to HairBar Nu in Antwerp where they use these products, I’ve never had a bad reaction to hair products! Not even while coloring my hair.

Perfect for thin and wavy hair

All in all, I’m super happy with this elixir because right now it’s exactly what I need, and I find it so easy to use daily. In the hair salon I’ve gotten to try some of the other products as well and so far I have no complaints. I personally have very thin and light wavy hair. I’m not sure how other hair types would enjoy this but if you have thin hair, this elixir is a great pick!

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