I’ve reviewed quite a lot of shampoo bars already, but as you may know I can be very picky and I’m way too curious to use the same brands or products forever. I always keep trying new products but this time I decided to try another shampoo from a brand I’ve reviewed before, Lamazuna! I actually liked the Coconut and Vanilla bar so much I have purchased it again since then! When I saw this one with oranges I wanted to try it immediately because it’s also recommended for dry hair.

Lamazuna products are all zero waste or low waste, vegan and certified organic. This brand ticks a lot of boxes for me personally, especially because this brand is so widely available in Belgium. You can actually find it in many (online) stores! It’s also a European brand which makes it that more local, when you look at the production and transportation.

When it comes to using this little shampoo block, you’d be surprised how long a little goes. Don’t expect crazy foam from this but it does spread relatively easy throughout your hair which makes it very long lasting. I actually prefer a flatter, rounder shape to this shape but I can imagine if you have some difficulty holding onto things, especially if they’re wet, then this shape makes it way easier to hold onto to! Packaging wise I absolutely love how minimal this product is. In comparison to different shampoo bars it’s definitely a pretty great one considering the product is so natural and it gives you great results. I prefer the coconut and vanille one slightly because this bar does tangle my hair a little more. But once you use conditioner and I let it air dry, the effects are very similar and it does leave my hair very volumized and clean! It contains argan oil for moisture but I have very thin hair so I’m happy it doesn’t make it greasy at all.

I think it really comes down to wether you enjoy the scent of vanilla and coconut or oranges more. I always use conditioner after my shampoo so a little tangling is definitely not a big issue. I also haven’t noticed any weird discolouration on my blonde hair, but I can’t use this one every time because I do need to boost my blonde and this bar obviously doesn’t do that because it’s not designed specifically for that. But if you have regular, non-coloured hair, go for it!

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